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KWMR On-air Talent:

KWMR is interested in proposals for new programs. Email to contact Lyons Filmer, Program Director.

If you would like to contact one of KWMR's programmers, the best way is to email the Program Director, so she can forward your message to the host:

Programmers are listed alphabetically by last name.

Devon McMorrow
  Host of: Retro Rock Hour, Youth DJ Project

Hosting a Youth DJ Project music show 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 4-5 pm.

Close your eyes. Settle back in your f ...More...

Ian McMurray
Songrwriter-guitarist Ian McMurray has put “Stone in the Water” on hold until his schedule clears up. In the meantime he has assumed his alter ego Buckshot Mescalero, truck-drivin' Americountry afficianado. Together with his horse-lovin' compadre Dusty and the mystical Nutcase the Wonder Horse, they fill the West Marin airwaves with their whacky charm and down-home horse-non-sense. Ian is also an I.T. person by trade and answered the call to serve as KWMR’s own I.T. tech guy. ...More...
Jane Mickelson
  Host of: Questing—Where Is the Path?

Jane Mickelson is a cultural mythologist and folklorist who has been writing, teaching, and lecturing on those and other topics for longer than she can remember. Life stories of all sorts intrigue her. Everyone has a story. It's the stories behind that story that fascinate me. Where does your path lead?

Will Minor
  Host of: Foggy Ridge Music
Charlie Morgan
  Host of: Musical VarietĂ©
I left the mother ship Oct 13,1948 in San Francisco and was raised there where baseball became a lifelong passion. My early musical influences were jazz and show music and later the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and early John Lee Hooker before being engulfed in the swirling rainbow-colored, diverse tornado of the '60 music/political awareness seminar, from which I've happily never wanted to recover. I'm proud to be a founding member of KWMR and KPOO radio and a former progra ...More...
Julie Motz
  Host of: Hot Tech/Cool Science, Art's Desire OR Hot Tech/Cool Science
Julie Motz is an internationally known healer and author who pioneered the practice of doing energy healing in the operating room on patients while they are undergoing surgery. Before becoming a healer she was an award-winning documentary filmmaker. She has also worked as a fashion consultant and a matchmaker, using a system of personality types based on four fundamental emotions. Her book, Hands of Life, has been translated into four lang ...More...
Muriel Murch
  Host of: Letter From A. Broad

Letter From A. Broad

In 1989 Muriel/Aggie Murch was reeled into radio by Erik Bauersfeld, then director of Drama and Literature at KPFA Pacifica in Berkeley, California. In 1996 she joined a group of radio enthusiasts becoming KWMR's founding Program Director. After a period in England from 2001 to 2004 she returned to California and KWMR, producing "Letter From A. Broad" for Susan Deixler's biweekly "Good Morning West Marin." Muriel continues writing short stories ...More...