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The Place We Live
With your host: Marc Matheson

The Place We Live is a live radio interview program created by Marc Matheson as a mode of sketching the West Marin landscape through the lives of the people who live or work here.

Inspired by "West Marin Review", a local art and literature journal, The Place We Live features live conversation with a diverse range of local folk - writers, poets and artists, students, teachers and parents, farm and ranch workers, shopkeepers and townspeople - at the intersection of not just literature and art, but also work and learning, and the appreciation of artfulness in daily life.

The program also addresses community and public affairs topics relevant to life in West Marin, including education.

The Place We Live airs live on alternate Saturday mornings at 11:00, for an hour. Archived recordings of the show are available for free download and sharing within a few hours. (Scroll down for the archives.)

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Photo by Christopher Miles.


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October 13th, Gallery Route One, an artist-run non-profit engaged in art exhibition and community service, is the focus of this show. Host Marc Matheson welcomes GRO Board chair Toni Littlejohn, GRO co-director Zea Morvitz, artist member Tim Graveson and board member Sean Vogt for an hour of conversation.

September 29th, Point Reyes Station Wells Fargo Bank branch manager Jaime Rivera and lifelong resident Michael Mery, talk immigration, education, history and, of course, banking with host Marc Matheson.

August 18th, host Marc Matheson welcomes and speaks with Papermill Creek Children's Corner Executive Director Lauren Fried, Co-Head Teacher Juanita Romo and Board member Loretta Farley about the activities, community and future of this Point Reyes Station preschool.

August 4th, Inverness residents Murray Suid and Marc Matheson solve the world's problems, examining Socrates' alegation that the unexamined life isn't worth living and contemplating why, if there is a God, how come dogs and cats sometimes get lost? Join Murray and Marc as they unravel these and other weighty topics!

July 21st, Marc's guests were Inverness residents Kris Brown and Scoby Zook, and Bolinas resident Jane Mickelson, discussed their recent visits to Scotland.

July 7th,  Christopher Miles, professional intuitive counselor, astrologer, aromatherapist, and space clearer, joined Marc in conversation, with music.

June 23rd, Marc's guest was Lee Weingrad, visiting from Beijing. Lee moved to China in 1990 to start a foundation to improve health care of the people of the Surmang region, called the Surmang Foundation. In the past 20 years the foundation has provided free quality health care to some of the world's poorest and most threatened women and children. In the past 10 years alone, the clinic has treated over 150,000 patients for free.

June 9th, from the soul of the South comes The Shiz. Indie Rock meets Louisiana Blues and Soul from Liz Hogan and Lilli Lewis, two leading ladies that front the band more like preacher women than beauty queens Marc speaks with Liz and Lilli, discussing their lives, their music and their upcoming national tour, by telephone.

May 26, Marc spoke with Inverness poet David Bailey about his life, writing, travels and dreams  for the future.

May 12, Marc's guests were Margarito Lozo, who grew up on the Spaletta Ranch out on Point Reyes, and Talyha Romo, who grew up on the Stewart Ranch in Olema. Both are first-generation college students and, since elementary school, members of the Shoreline Community Mentoring Program started in 2006 by guest Jim Patterson and others.

Jim is currently interim principal for West Marin Elementary-Inverness schools. Margarito and Taly now attend Sonoma State University and Dominican University, respectively.  Also, Ana Maria Ramirez joins by phone!

April 28th, Marc moderated a conversation with Shoreline Unified School District Superintendent Stephen Rosenthal, School Board Trustee Kegan Stedwell, and interim West Marin Elementary-Inverness School Principal Jim Patterson.

April 14th, Marc's guest was Steve Kinsey, County Supervisor for the Marin County's Fourth District spanning from San Pablo Bay to the Pacific Ocean. Supervisor Kinsey provided an informal "state of the County" update and took listener calls.

March 31st, during KWMR's Spring Pledge Drive, Marc interviewed local author Rebecca Wilson about her memoir, A House with No Roof: After My Father's Assassination. Click here for book and author information. Rebecca will read at Point Reyes Books on Saturday, April 7th, at 7pm.

March 17th, guest host Mark Potts spent an hour in charming, informational conversation with nine year-old Isatta Molena.

March 3rd, guest host Mark Potts spoke with local resident Elizabeth Whitney.

February 18th, guest host Susan Santiago interviewed intuitive portraitist with local resident Jill Culver.

February 4th, guest host Mia Johnson welcomed local parents, educators and community organizers Alex Porrata and Guadalupe Tausch in conversation around a range of topics related to genuine bilingual and bicultural education, both inside and outside of schools and homes. Tune in to learn about Spanish immersion classes being offered in Point Reyes Station!

February 18th, guest host Susan Santiago spoke with soul portrait artist Jill Culver, whose website can be found at

January 21, host Marc Matheson welcomed Joanne Martin-Braun, Regional Director of Northern California Shambhala, and Kurt Gundersen, Director of Tamalpais Shambhala Meditation Center, in conversation about the confluence of personal and community Shambhala Buddhist views and practices.

The first show of 2012, on Saturday, January 7th, featured three young singers - Jill Freeman, Ben Black and Anandi, from Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, respectively - who all happen to practice Shambhala buddhism. We chatted, listened to their recent CDs, and learned about their lives and practices, both personal and musical.

Christmas Eve day, December 24th, Marc Matheson hosted Tom Biagini, Inverness native and self-taught artist, photographer, painter, business owner, drummer, bodybuilder, actor, screenwriter and avid motorcyclist - and Dr. Rachel Rivers, coordinator of this year's Christmas Eve service at the Dance Palace Community and Cultural Center.

November 12th, the "Education in West Marin" series, launched in September on The Place We Live, continued with an hour-long conversation with local educator, parent and activist Madeleine Hope and host Marc Matheson. We discussed the new Tomales Bay Youth Center, in the process of being created in the old music building at West Marin Elementary School.

October 29, Marc was joined in conversation by Dick Lemon, Harriet Moss and Murray Suid from the West Marin Fund, a community foundation organized to serve the people of the rural villages of West Marin by providing new funding and other assistance to existing nonprofits. The fund also seeks to expand charitable giving and volunteer activity from residents and visitors, and support innovative endeavors that benefit the community but are beyond the scope of existing nonprofit groups.

The Place We Live's special series on "Education in West Marin" began on September 3rd, with a one-hour discussion with Julie Cassel, outgoing Executive Director of Halleck Creek Ranch and incoming new teacher at West Marin Elementary School in Point Reyes Station. Halleck Creek Ranch assists people with disabilities, and their families, with therapeutic horseback riding.

Given that education has become a lively local topic, The Place We Live has invited a number of guests who have a passion for the education of our children to talk with me, first, about their own lives and education. These include native West Marinites, former and current educators and School Board members, folks involved in both the public schools and alternative school options, and former and current students.

Your comments, criticisms and suggestions are warmly welcomed!

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The Place We Live (2014-05-24) posted Sat May 24 12:20:04 2014

West Marin Review editors Doris Ober and Myn (Nancy) Adess, and contributors Judith Shaw, Carla Steinberg and Joan Thornton join host Marc Matheson for a discussion about the newly released Volume 5. Live author readings!


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The Place We Live (2014-05-10) posted Sat May 10 12:20:02 2014

"The Place We Live" continues its year-long KWMR 15th anniversary profile of and tribute to KWMR volunteer programmers this week with a conversation with Anthony Wright.

As an almost-Ph.D. in Philosophy & Religion with an emphasis on Chinese philosophy, Anthony hosts KWMR's shows "Attunement", "Spirit & Mind" and "DeepWaking". He is a certified hypnotherapist, has trained in post-divorce mediation, began tuning pianos in 1970, and has been an astrologer since 1965.

Join us for a fascinating look at the life of one of KWMR's 90 volunteer programmers!



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The Place We Live (2014-04-26) posted Sat Apr 26 12:20:05 2014

Local poets Roy Mash and Rebecca Foust take opposing points of view to explore Robert Frost's relevance to contemporary west coast audiences for poetry.

Frost's life and work present a number of interesting dichotomies. Widely and iconically perceived as the quintessential New England farmer poet, Frost was born and lived for a time in the city of San Francisco.

He was a farmer, and a poet, yes-but was also a highly sophisticated scholar with so many honorary degrees that he had a quilt made of the hoods, a savvy promoter of his own work.

Hosted by Marc Matheson.



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The Place We Live (2014-04-12) posted Sat Apr 12 12:20:03 2014

This week's radio guest is Susan Page Tillett, Executive Director of The Mesa Refuge, a writers' retreat on the Point Reyes Station mesa overlooking Tomales Bay and Inverness ridge.

Host Marc Matheson and Susan discuss the Mesa Refuge, Susan's vision for its future as well as her fascinating varied life in joining artist communities with their natural surroundings, particularly local community.


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The Place We Live (2014-03-29) posted Sat Mar 29 12:20:03 2014


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The Place We Live (2014-03-15) posted Mon Mar 17 11:10:49 2014


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The Place We Live (2014-03-01) posted Sat Mar 1 12:20:06 2014

This week's guest, Simone de Winter, has been practicing Ayurveda in Marin County for the past ten years.

Simone is a graduate from the California College of Ayurveda, and studied with Dr. Vasant Lad, Robert Svoboda, Jaisri Lambert, and in the private practices of doctors in India.

She has a very earthy and grounded approach to healing, deeply understanding the mind-body connection, and works with all that comes from the earth: food, oils  and herbs. 


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