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Open House (2011-12-08) posted Thu Dec 8 22:40:03 2011

Drakes Estero - the studies of harbor seals and the oyster operations.
Interview with Gordon Bennett of Save Our Seashore and Dr. Dominique Richard regarding the Park's research and the Marine Mammal Commission Report. The position of Save Our Seashore presented in its submission to the Marine Mammal Commission December 7 is posted here.  These are links to earlier SOS submissions critiquing the analyses of Dr. Corey Goodman (statistics, data, exhibit) and of Dr. John Harwood.


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Open House (2011-12-07) posted Wed Dec 7 23:10:01 2011

Marine Mammal Commission  Interview with Dr. Tim Regan of the Marine Mammal Commission regarding their recent report on the research regarding the impact of oyster operations at Drakes Estero on harbof seals.  George Clyde conducts the interview.


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Open House (2011-12-01) posted Fri Dec 2 15:00:27 2011

"Témas de inmigracíon" con Socorro Romo, Alyssa G. Simpson, Brian Kirven.


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Open House (2011-11-30) posted Fri Dec 2 15:00:22 2011

Herb Kutchins interviews Stacey Lawson (Dem), a candidate for the new 2nd Congressional district.


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Open House (2011-11-23) posted Wed Nov 23 23:10:06 2011

Dr. Tim Ragen, Executive Director of the Marine Mammal Commission, talks with KWMR news producer George Clyde about the MMC's analysis of the "Becker 2011" NPS study of potential harm by the oyster operation to harbor seals in Drakes Estero.


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Open House (2011-11-17) posted Thu Nov 17 21:40:02 2011

"The Story Shed" with mother-and-son Joyce and Don Ghilardi. Produced by Jacoba Charles.


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Open House (2011-11-16) posted Wed Nov 16 23:10:03 2011

Herb Kutchins interviews San Rafael Council member Marc Levine (Dem), a candidate for the new 10th Assembly District.


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