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Food Sovereignty Movement Impacts on Traditional Political Stances (2014-07-07) posted Mon Jul 7 13:10:08 2014

Exploring the changing political landscape and the fact that the Food Sovereignty Movement is make for strange political bedfellows. States rights, Federal rights, shifting views on wilderness. Musings, questions and thoughts about how this movement is sweeping the country and uniting folks who are often far apart on the political spectrum.

Forum for Food Sovereignty in SélinguéMali, 27 February 2007, about 500 delegates from more than 80 countries adopted the "Declaration of Nyéléni", which says in part:

"Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations. It defends the interests and inclusion of the next generation. It offers a strategy to resist and dismantle the current corporate trade and food regime, and directions for food, farming, pastoral and fisheries systems determined by local producers. Food sovereignty prioritises local and national economies and markets and empowers peasant and family farmer-driven agriculture, artisanal fishing, pastoralist-led grazing, and food production, distribution and consumption based on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Food sovereignty promotes transparent trade that guarantees just income to all peoples and the rights of consumers to control their food and nutrition. It ensures that the rights to use and manage our lands, territories, waters, seeds, livestock and biodiversity are in the hands of those of us who produce food. Food sovereignty implies new social relations free of oppression and inequality between men and women, peoples, racial groups, social classes and generations."


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Marissa Guggiana The Butcher's Guild (2014-06-30) posted Mon Jun 30 13:10:04 2014

Our guest is Marissa Guggiana who is co-founder of The Butcher’s Guild. She is also the author of Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers, founding president of Sonoma Direct, and author of Off The Menu: Staff Meals From America’s Top Restaurants. At the beginning of the show Marissa and host Robin Carpenter shared with the listeners the breaking news that the Supreme Court had denied hearing the appeal from the Drakes Bay Oyster Company and possible implications. The remainder of the show covered the goals of the Butcher's Guild, their Barnraiser campaign and the "rebirth" of the butcher in America. Below are links to some of the sites and organizations that we discussed.


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Point Reyes Farmers Market/KidsZone Opening Season (2014-06-23) posted Mon Jun 23 13:10:08 2014

Alison Puglisia, Manager of the Point Reyes Farmers Market, shared with us all of the exciting news about the upcoming opening of the market on June 28th. Discussion of the history of the market and the farmers and vendors that would be participating in this all organic, truly local gathering that happens every Saturday from 12n to 1p at Toby's Feedbarn in Point Reyes Station. We also discussed the KidsZone that takes place during the market and is sponsored by the Marin Literacy Program's West Marin Literacy Services. There are bilingual storytimes at 11am and monthly children's books giveaways as well as gardening and healthy eating activities.


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Marin Carbon Project's Co-founder Jeff Creque 06-16-14 posted Mon Jun 16 13:10:09 2014

Host Robin Carpenter in conversation with Jeff Creque who is the co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project and a Director at the Carbon Cycle Institute. The latest findings of their research, what they are researching now, the power of composting and the enormous hope and opportunity that the findings show. Also highlighted some of the work being done by the Marin Conservation League and their Agricultural Land Use Committee. We also want our listeners to know about the MCL's  tours on 6/29 at Nicasio Native Grass Ranch. You can register and find out more about their work at

More information about the work we discussed today go to

Articles we referred to by Marcia Delonge and others -

"A Lifecycle Model to Evaluate Carbon Sequestration Potential and Greenhouse Gas Dynamics of Managed Grasslands"

"Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Opportunities in California Agriculture"

Additional articles and information can be found on the site




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School Lunches,Western Weekend, Point Reyes Farmers Mkt (2014-06-09) posted Mon Jun 9 13:10:04 2014

** Show starts at 7:07 into the download**

Peggy Day, local journalist, joins Robin Carpenter in discussion about the Western Weekend celebration of our ranching heritage and the strong showing by our ranching and ag communities. Also the upcoming opening of the Point Reyes Farmers Market on June 28th. For the second half of the show the conversation revolved around school lunches and what is happening in our own Shoreline Unified School District as well as nationally. Marc Matheson is a member of the Wellness Committee for SUSD and filled us in on the work and exploration that they are doing to make healthy food a priority and how this issue dovetails into the other Wellness measure they are looking to introduce to our schools. We've included information below that we promised you in the show!

Marin Literacy Program's West Marin Literacy Services - 415-663-8626 or 415-601-4491 for Executive Director Robin Carpenter about some of the free books for children handed out during the Western Weekend Parade that are still available. Also more information about the KidsZone at the Point Reyes Farmers Market.

Tom Stubbs is the Supervisor of the SUSD -

Jil Satori is on the Board of Directors for the SUSD and heads up the Wellness Committee -

Matt Nagel is the principal of the West Marin School -


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Kent Schoberle of Thistle Meats - June 2, 2014 posted Mon Jun 2 13:10:07 2014

***Show starts at 5:18 into the download***

Newly opened Thistle Meat's Head Butcher Kent Schoberle shares all of the details on the hottest spot for great Carnivore Karma in Petaluma. Local, exclusively grassfed beef, happy foraging pigs, bouncy goats and luscious lamb are butchered whole at Thistle Meats using European style seam butchery. They also offer hand made charcuterie, pates, salumi,  terrines and other cured meats as well as local produce, cheese, eggs, broths, soups and a sandwich of the day. More information can be found at

Thank you for the fabulous photo of Kent goes to Karen Pavone author of the fascinating blog Farminista's Feast.

Read her story about Thistle Meats


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Farm and Foodshed Report Elk and the Seashore Ranches/DBOC legal update posted Mon May 19 13:10:06 2014

Coverage of the Elk issue and the seashore ranches were discussed in the first half of the show. There is a comment period to the NPS on a proposed plan. The current comment period is open until June 2, 2014. For more information and directions on how to comment, please go to or call Melanie Gunn, Point Reyes National Seashore Outreach Coordinator, at 415-464-513  To see the video of the community meeting with the ranchers and other stakeholders go to

The second half of the show covered the recently filed Amicus briefs for Drakes Bay Oyster Company with an interview with Peter Prows, an attorney for DBOC as their appeal goes to the Supreme Court.


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