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We hope that you can join us at the Dance Palace Community Center this Friday, October 17 for the viewing of the film Particle Fever. You can get your tickets HERE or at the door. We also are selling them at the KWMR offices. Walter Murch will be at the viewing to talk about his work editing the film. See you there!

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Thursday, October 23

5:00 PM - Epicenter

Peggy Berryhill—station manager for community radio KGUA (Gualala CA), NFCB Bader Award winner, and producer extraordinaire—was inducted into the Muskoke Tribe’s Hall of Fame on October 18th.


6:30 PM - Bakersfield & Beyond

Journalist and author Robert Price joins Amanda and Mike to talk about his new book on the Bakersfield Sound.

Friday, October 24

8:00 AM - The Friday Guide

Brings on political pundit Will Bunnett to discuss the wider perspective and potential pitfalls for the national midterm election.

11:00 AM - Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad

NEW SHOW Health in Spanish, con la Doctora Marisol Muñoz-Kiehne.

12:00 PM - An Organic Conversation

NEW TIME Now beginning at noon every Friday.

1:00 PM - The Local Organon

Politics and polemics with Charles Schultz, Paul Fenn, and Paul Elmore.

Saturday, October 25

2:00 PM - Woodstock West

Brings us all back with hand-picked tracks from the KWMR library.

8:00 PM - Greg's Groove

Jazz it up with Greg DeMascio.

Sunday, October 26

9:00 AM - Sunday Celebration of Gospel Music

Long-time KWMR Sunday morning programmer Rick Clark guest hosts "Gospel" this month, bringing his breadth of musical knowledge and repartee to the program. Tune in every month as KWMR offers three hours of wonderfully inspiring music from the African American gospel traditions!

8:00 PM - L.A. Theatre Works

Presents "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, adapted by David Pichette and R. Hamilton Wright. Did a diabolical beast cause the death of Sir Charles Baskerville? Or is a family curse simply a cover for more sinister goings on? The game's afoot when Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson tackle a supernatural murder mystery. Starring James Marsters, Seamus Dever, Geoffrey Arend, and Sarah Drew.

Monday, October 27

1:00 PM - Post-Carbon Radio

Part 2 - Water & The California Drought Introducing new guest co-host, Karen Nyhus, long-time activist on environmental, peace and social justice issues. Stephanie Castle of the Center for Hydrologic Modeling at U.C. Irvine is on about her new findings on groundwater depletion in the Colorado River Basin.  Also, Ann Maurice, who will discuss the relationship of groundwater to surface flows, the engineered connections across county lines between source waters and our farms, taps, wells, vineyards and wildlife, and some of the political struggles she anticipates as California moves rapidly to regulate groundwater.

Tuesday, October 28

5:00 PM - Epicenter

Spotlight on the award-winning San Domenico high school sustainability program, with Sister Gervaise, Shelley Flint, and Sim Van der Ryn.

Wednesday, October 29

5:00 PM - Epicenter

Get the update on the U.S. Post Offices in West Marin - what is at stake with USPS budget cuts, how does that impact the future of our P.O.s. With guest Jim Widgel.

Thursday, October 30

4:00 PM - Coastal Airwaves with Vickisa

Vickisa's guest is Audrey Aulds-Mesera. "She's a great singer and writer of wonderful songs. Australian-born and recently returned from Nashville to live in Stinson again. Audrey is listed as Country, Pop/Rock, Folk. Styles: Contemporary Country,, Singer/Songwriter, Alt-Country, Alternative/Indie Rock, Country-Folk, Country-Rock. No wonder I can't succinctly describe her. I know it will be great to get together with Audrey, so give a listen if you can."

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Kevin Lunny steps up to the mic and tells us about the next chapter for Drakes Bay Oyster Company.

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Dan Howard, Superintendent of the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and Maria Howard, Superintendent of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, return for an update on the proposed sanctuary boundary expansion, which would ban fossil fuel drilling from Point Arena to Half Moon Bay.

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