Listener Supported Radio



KWMR is pleased to do public service announcements for non-profit organizations, and for events benefitting a non-profit organization.

Please read and follow all of the guidelines before submitting your announcement:

If you haven't submitted to us before, please include your Federal non-profit identification number.

For the text, please send - in complete sentences, not a list - and in no more than 60 words, the following:

what is the event;

where is the location, including complete street address;

when is the day and time, including the day of the week;

who is the sponsoring organization and/or beneficiary; and

contact information—person's name, phone number, email address and/or website—in case listeners have question.

Please note that KWMR cannot announce names of specific performers, caterers or other event service providers. We can announce, however, "live music and great food", for example.

KWMR is unable to play pre-recorded audio files nor to provide air checks (recordings) or a schedule of when your public service announcement was or will be read.

PSAs are read at the discretion of KWMR's volunteer programmers; we cannot guarantee how often, when or even if they will be read.



Email your completed PSA to

Thank you!