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Rancho Recall, Drought, Marin Sun Farms (2014-02-24) posted Feb 24 at 1PM

A panel discussion covering the latest developments of three areas of change and news stemming out of the Rancho Recall/Closure.

1 - Updating listeners on the current developments in the Rancho recall/closure and the fight to save the custom beef from destruction and the latest developments in the USDA investigation.

2 -The current drought and the impacts and implications for Grassfed producers and the protocols in place to keep them certified as grassfed during a drought.

3 - The sale of Rancho to Marin Sun Farms and the major changes announced by Marin Sun Farms to their feeding protocol and their business model.

Guests were - Gary Cox (Lead Attorney for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund), Doniga Markegarde (Owner of Markegarde Family Grassfed Farm), Nicolette Hahn Niman (BN Ranch partner, environmental attorney and author of The Righteous Porkchop), Christopher Peak (Marin Media Institute Research Fellow at the Point Reyes Light) and comments provided prior to the show by Marilyn Noble of the American Grassfed Association.

*Actual discussion starts at 2:30 into the download -  38:40 is when Doniga Markegarde joins the panel.


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