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Home Dairy Farm Bill California AB2505 (2014-03-10) posted Mar 17 at 11AM

Guests Doniga Markegard of Markegard Family Grassfed and Dede Moreda a local dairy family that will be doing a home dairy if AB2505 passes. This bill grew out of three years of negotiation between dairy owners and state regulators and would sanction direct-to-consumer raw milk sales by all dairies with a maximum of three milk-producing cows or fifteen goats. Doniga has been working on this from the beginning as part of the Small Herd Working Gorup which was formed when the CDFA, filed cease-and-desist orders against a number of tiny dairies that were selling raw milk privately, via herdshare arrangements. Dede Moreda is one of the local diary families that will benefit from its passage.


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