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Christian Anthony

Christian is taking a break as of February 2013, and we hope to have him return is some way or another!

This is the Amateur's Guide To Life where our work, in accordance to the definition of an amateur, may or may not always be the highest of quality, but we approach the subject with an open mind and a fierce passion that only the lack of financial benefit can bring. The goal here is not, of course, to find the answers, but rather, to enjoy asking the questions.

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Peter Asmus
  Host of: With Eyes Open!
Peter Asmus is a Stinson Beach writer, songwriter and poet. His day job involves writing about how to save our environment and he is the author of four books and plays in the band Space Debris. Interview guests reflect interests in renewable energy, political reforms, shamanism and bird watching. Peter loves all kinds of music, but plays retro rock and pop, jazz the likes of Coltrane and Davis, and pyschedelia. His show also features cooking tips from his French sweetheart, Cather ...More...
Lisa B├╝rger
Jim Bennett of "Forms and Feelings" on Saturdays, 12-2 pm.

Alden Bevington
Chris Breyer
  Host of: Doctor Jazz Radio Programme, Magic Radio

Longtime deepdish boho political activist poet film scholar arts dilettante record collector darwinian dog person. Magic Radio is dedicated to the idea of music and crafted speech as a romance among the planet's cultures past & present, or, if you like, varied and pleasurable latenight listening.