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KWMR is interested in proposals for new programs. Email to contact Lyons Filmer, Program Director.

If you would like to contact one of KWMR's programmers, the best way is to email the Program Director, so she can forward your message to the host:

Programmers are listed alphabetically by last name.

Lil' Shorty
  Host of: Shorty's Bunkhouse

born into bluegrass , shorty started attending festivals as a young kid and sleeping on the ground in an old handmade quilt while her degenerate family picked music into the night and told lies to each other usually brought on by vast quantities of homemade liquor. The hills of Missouri spit her out on her 17th birthday and she moved on to Wyoming to feed cows at -40 below on her uncle shortys ranch the =XL. Sick and tired of being sick and tired she made her way to Californi ...More...

Mary Siedman
  Host of: Rise and Shine

Mary moved from the east coast to Bolinas in 1979 to live with Jack and his two children. Produced music as "The Lounge Club." Raised three sons. Organized and coached kids sports for many years. Photographer and artist. Loves Bolinas mesa dirt roads, fields, trails, bramble & berries. Enjoying "Rise and Shine" with Amber DiStasi on Tuesday mornings from 8 to 9 a.m.




Paul Smith
  Host of: Classical Wednesday

Paul hosts 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays, 2-4 pm.

Frederick Smith
  Host of: Choose Your Own Adventure
Bill Steele
  Host of: Dawn Chorus
Bernie Stephan
  Host of: West Marin Matters, Post-Carbon Radio
Bernie Stephan partners with Bing Gong on “West Marin Matters - Post Carbon, ” focusing on how we, in West Marin, are transitioning to an era that is no longer dependent on fossil fuels. We explore re-localization and increasing our community's resilience, in the face of climate change, the end of cheap oil, depletion of our natural resources and the unprecedented extinction of species. Archived podcasts and upcoming program details are at www.wmPostCarbon.c ...More...
Jennifer Stock
  Host of: Ocean Currents, West Marin Matters

Jennifer is the host for West Marin Matter's-Ocean Currents the first Monday of every month. Jennifer currently works as the education and outreach coordinator with NOAA's Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary sharing the wonders of the blue ocean with many different audiences through workshops, lectures, exhibits, radio/podcasts, and more.

Her lifelong passion is witnessing the amazing l ...More...