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KWMR is interested in proposals for new programs. Email to contact Lyons Filmer, Program Director.

If you would like to contact one of KWMR's programmers, the best way is to email the Program Director, so she can forward your message to the host:

Programmers are listed alphabetically by last name.

Paul Flowerman
  Host of: Elbow Room
Ken Fox
Neshama Franklin
  Host of: Turning Pages "Reading to John"

Neshama Franklin is a passionate, eclectic reader who works at Fairfax Library. She read to her husband, John, for many years before he died.  These days, after more than 10 years on KWMR, she's now sharing short reviews and excerpts of books she's read recently, as well as reading from the classics and local authors, and occasionally telling folktales or stories from her own life. She's had some theater training, which sneaks into the readings, and in her s ...More...

Mani Freitas
Fairfax Funkateer
  Host of: Friday Funk Fest
Raul Gallyot
  Host of: Airwaves

Have you ever wondered what life is like backstage or behind a film set? How a book got published or what was left out for that matter? Unsure as to whether you gathered enough information to make a good decision? Answers to these sample questions and more are explored every Tuesday with a guest from anywhere in the world.Revelations will surprise you as each show uncovers a guest's insights, expertise, and personal experiences during these unedited conversations.

Djimi Gonbonzoghoti

A child from the 60's, born and raised in West Marin, I've seen a small sleepy town wake up to find its own radio station, and decided, "That sounds tasty."

As of January, Djimi has expanded his aural horizons—to wit a show was born—This is Hump Day. It's a musical mélange made for any melodic morning milieu. Mmmm....

If you'd like to engage in intimate worldly congress with Djimi, please don't hesitate to drop him a line or check ou ...More...