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Lil' Shorty

  Host of: Shorty's Bunkhouse  

born into bluegrass , shorty started attending festivals as a young kid and sleeping on the ground in an old handmade quilt while her degenerate family picked music into the night and told lies to each other usually brought on by vast quantities of homemade liquor. The hills of Missouri spit her out on her 17th birthday and she moved on to Wyoming to feed cows at -40 below on her uncle shortys ranch the =XL. Sick and tired of being sick and tired she made her way to California with a Gibson RB250 and a pocket full o' nothin , but shorty made friends fast and soon was attending festivals and sleepin on the ground in an ole' homemade sleeping bag while her degenerate friends picked music all night and told lies brought on by vast quantities of homemade liquor and good food . Not one to sleep late she usually ended up feeding all her campmates until nightfall and then ....... well it just doesnt end .  Shorty hosts a bluegrass and alternative country music show with sarcastic commentary every other Thursday and has been at KWMR for 14 years. She can be contacted at  Thanks for listening