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KWMR On-air Talent

Vickisa Feinberg

  Host of: Coastal Airwaves  

The last Wednesday of a month with 5 Wednesdays or a rare Blue Wednesday finds Vickisa on her show Coastal Airwaves settling in to on air conversations with people who love what they do. From completely loving her own work, Vickisa was keen to explore the topic with those who were fortunate enough to do the same. Of course it can be any topic as long as they love it. As a professional artist and art teacher, Vickisa covers a lot of local ground working with children as Director of the Summer Camp at the local Community Center and promoting art shows at the local gallery of which she is a member. Vickisa has also worked for many years as a dedicated volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. and is the proud mother of a grown son. Having attended Bard college,Vickisa pursued her BFA at the University of Arizona and was awarded her Masters degree at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a member of Gallery Route One in Point Reyes Station and exhibits widely. Check out her website at or just give a listen.