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Jimo Thomas

  Host of: What's New?  

Jimo is host of "the tammy and Jimo show" with co-host Tammy, aka Adrienne Pfeiffer, which occurs on the first Tuesday of the month at 2PM-4PM (PST) We are part of the "What's New" team and bring you newly released (or re-released) music with a modern feel, and a big dose of local and independent artist. Not the kind of show your going to hear on any of the commercial stations. Think more old school ksan style f.m.    A freeform, funky, eclectic style, we hope will entertain and turn you on to music you may not have heard of before.  

Jimo is a former Bolinas resident and a former Bolinas Hearsay News editor (with joanne kyger) who currently resides between Mill Valley, California, and the Salmon Creek area of Bodega Bay in Sonoma county.  He is also formally of the Bolinas band "music for pets" and fancies himself a poet. He also served as a host of the Sweetwater open mic. with Heather Combs. When he's not spinning discs, he can be found archiving his former bands work, gardening, or pursuing other elements of interior or exterior design. 

The Tammy and Jimo show has a myspace page at