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Djimi Gonbonzoghoti

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A child from the 60's, born and raised in West Marin, I've seen a small sleepy town wake up to find its own radio station, and decided, "That sounds tasty."

As of January, Djimi has expanded his aural horizons—to wit a show was born—This is Hump Day. It's a musical mélange made for any melodic morning milieu. Mmmm....

If you'd like to engage in intimate worldly congress with Djimi, please don't hesitate to drop him a line or check out what's going in his life at:

Djimi's Intimate Place of Hobnobbing and Whispering Sweet Nothings

Currently his evening show, Megalomedia Bazaar, is on a sabbatical while his team of  managers, writers, soothsayers, muckrakers, spindoctors, astrologists, and social butterflies  are away exploring Mars—but may be returning possibly anyday, especially if NASA's funding comes through this year, returning his crack team of radio engineers to earth, so he can continue his frequency modulations in the post meridiem.