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KWMR On-air Talent

Charlie Morgan

  Host of: Musical Varieté  

I left the mother ship Oct 13,1948 in San Francisco and was raised there where baseball became a lifelong passion. My early musical influences were jazz and show music and later the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and early John Lee Hooker before being engulfed in the swirling rainbow-colored, diverse tornado of the '60 music/political awareness seminar, from which I've happily never wanted to recover. I'm proud to be a founding member of KWMR and KPOO radio and a former programmer on KPFA radio. I do political theater, stand-up comedy and perform both acoustic solo work and with the rock/blues trio "Blue Holstein." My self-published album of original material, "Chazmonow" moved well, going straight to the bottom of the charts; my show "Musical Variete'" normally has something to please or offend everyone and includes barely authorized, occasionally brilliant, humble political commentary.