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Ellen Shehadeh

  Host of: ViewPoint   ViewPoint (repeat)

I have loved radio since I was a child growing up in Los Angeles. Much later in life, when I was completely hooked on public affairs programming, I was fortunate to work for 2 years as an intern, volunteer and free lance producer on KQED's "Forum". The eclectic format suited my natural curiosity, and I got a certain rush when Noam Chomsky took my calls. Noam hasn't called since I left KQED. So, it was a given that I would have a show that is all over the map- from foreign surrogates, to ravens to gospel music to cultural diversity in reasoning patterns to.. well, you get the idea.  How else could I chat with a lady bounty hunter, a radical animal rights advocate and an expert on syphilis? I love conversation, and my show gives me access to all kinds of people I wouldn't normally meet.  My Under the Radar column runs in The West Marin Citizen, one of our local newspapers, and features profiles of local luminaries. My passions include travel, hiking, films, languages, music, reading, good food, champagne and my tremendous canine, Tess.