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KWMR's programming reflects the wide variety of interests of our volunnteer programmers, and reflects the character and nature of the people and places of West Marin. All hosts, whether of music or talk shows, regularly bring on guests, principally from our West Marin villages, but also from around the Bay Area and the world.

Between 8 am and midnight, KWMR airs about two hours of music to every one hour of talk. We cover music of almost all genres: Americana/Bluegrass, Celtic, Classical, Latin, Jazz & Swing, Blues, Alt Rock, World, Lounge, and Funk. We even have a show highlighting just the new releases in our music library. Bringing live performances on-air is part of the fun for music hosts and listeners!

Our interview hosts cover culture, politics, environment and ecology, agriculture, literature, spirituality and psychology, health and science, the performing arts, parenting issues... with about 6 hours a week of Spanish-language and bi-lingual music and talk shows.

KWMR has a process for training new programmers in the technical skills and interview/host skills needed for the live shows. Programmers who become competent in these areas can then go on to learn audio recording and editing in the production studio, field recording, news production, and remote broadcasts using phone lines and RPU gear. If you are interested in volunteering as a programmer click here to find out more.


The Barbarian Beach Party is:

top down
arms up
hot pants smokin'
dance temple
night moves
strange lamps
surfboard legs
Radio Music Timetrap

Every - Other - Monday - Night
8:30 - 10 PM

Barrio Vibes
   With your host: admin admin

Solange Echeverria starts Turning Pages "Libro Abierto" Friday, June 27, 10-11 am.

Best of British Unsigned
   With your host:

New Time 11 pm-midnight.

Hosted and produced by Matt Graveling, Best of British Unsigned is a weekly radio show that gives the best unsigned British musicians the recognition and airplay they deserve.

Check out BoB here.

Grey alternates with Paul Flowerman, "Ears Akimbo's Elbowroom"

Fred returns to his original show name!

Circulo musical
   With your host: Jesus Martinez

en Espagñol.

1st Fridays = "Opera in the Afternoon" with Susanna Henderson

2nd & 4th Fridays = Norman Masonson

3rd Fridays = "At the Concert Hall" with Janet Robbins, or a guest host.

Classical Series
   With your host:

Center Stage from Wolf Trap, Music Mountain, etc......


Robby Elfman hosts "Tripped-out Modernism" alternating with Gregory DeMascio's "Crazy for Crossover."

Hosted by Bill McLaughlin and Rich Kleinfeldt.

Produced by Vic Muenzer for CD Syndications. See their website here.