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Circulo musical
   With your host: Jesus Martinez

en Espagñol.

1st Fridays = "Opera in the Afternoon" with Susanna Henderson

2nd & 4th Fridays = Norman Masonson

3rd Fridays = "At the Concert Hall" with Janet Robbins, or a guest host.


Robby Elfman hosts "Tripped-out Modernism" alternating with Gregory DeMascio's "Crazy for Crossover."

Beginning January 29, 2014, Paul Smith joins the Classical Wednesday gang.

Beginnig February 5, 2014, Jeffry Wilkinson moves over to Wednesdays, too.


Jeffry hosts the 1st Wednesday;

Paul hosts the 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays;

Susan Deixler hosts the 3rd Wednesday.

Coast Highway Blues
   With your host: Larry Rippee

Larry Rippee

Coastal Airwaves
   With your host: Vickisa Feinberg

A New Day Starting in 2014 Vickisa is on-air 5th Thursdays, 4-5 pm. The dates for Coastal Airwaves are May 29, July 31, and October 30.

Commonweal Conversations
   With your host:

Michael Lerner in conversation with guests at The New School at Commonweal.

See their audio archives here:

   With your host: Rick Clark


Dawn Chorus
   With your host: Bill Steele

Old Rock, R & B, Jazz. Plus, live musicians, The Great Wilderness Report, and Sound Science with Dr. Bug.

   With your host: Anneke van der Veen

Music for the early morning