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Locally Produced Programming on KWMR

The world of soul music, past and contemporary.

   With your host: Anthony Wright

New series. First presentation is Clarissa Pinkola Estes' "How To Love A Woman."

Jazz of the 20s through 50s.

Elbow Room
   With your host: Paul Flowerman

Paul alternates with Grey Shepard, "Between Rock and A Jazz Place"

BIG NEWS! Epicenter: West Marin Affairs is now KWMR's regular one-stop-shop for community information and local issues coverage.

NEW TIME: Mon-Thurs, 5 - 5:30 PM 

3rd Wednesdays = "Politics 101" with Herb Kutchins.

1st Thursdays = "Témas de Inmigración" con Socorro Romo, Alyssa Simpson, Augusto Conde, Jesus Martinez

The crucial stories impacting our local farms and foodshed — from GMOs to local cheesemakers.

Faultline Radio
   With your host: Jaime Crespo

R & B, funk, blues, jazz

Jaime and Faultline Radio are on a sabbatical May to November 2014. Lookin' forward to your return, Jaime!

Food, fish, funnies........

Foggy Ridge Music
   With your host: Will Minor

Bluegrass.... harmonies galore!

Friday Funk Fest
   With your host: Fairfax Funkateer

The funkmaster is in the house.........7 to 8:30 pm.