Listener Supported Radio

Locally Produced Programming on KWMR

The world of soul music, past and contemporary.

   With your host: Anthony Wright

New series. First presentation is Clarissa Pinkola Estes' "How To Love A Woman."

Jazz of the 20s through 50s.

Elbow Room
   With your host: Paul Flowerman

Paul alternates with Grey Shepard, "Between Rock and A Jazz Place"

BIG NEWS! Epicenter: West Marin Affairs is now KWMR's regular one-stop-shop for community information and local issues coverage.

NEW TIME: Mon-Thurs, 5 - 5:30 PM 

1st Wednesdays = "Point Reyes Dialogues" with Jacob Needleman.

3rd Wednesdays = "Politics 101" with Herb Kutchins.

"Témas de Inmigración" con Socorro Romo, Alyssa Simpson, Augusto Conde, Jesus Martinez will be featured regularly as well.

The crucial stories impacting our local farms and foodshed — from GMOs to local cheesemakers.

Faultline Radio
   With your host: Jaime Crespo

R & B, funk, blues, jazz

Jaime and Faultline Radio are on a sabbatical May to November 2014. Lookin' forward to your return, Jaime!

Food, fish, funnies........

Foggy Ridge Music
   With your host: Will Minor

Bluegrass.... harmonies galore!

Friday Funk Fest
   With your host: Fairfax Funkateer

The funkmaster is in the house.........7 to 8:30 pm.